Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mahindra Launches Duro DZ in Hyderabad

When we test rode the new Duro last month, it was christened Duro DX, but somehow, according the news which we received today, Mahindra has rebranded the scooter as Duro DZ. Anyways, the big news is that the scooter is launched and at an attractive price tag. I had suggested in my roadtest article that Mahindra should not play with the price tag much as it would take the basic USP of the scooter away and seems like Mahindra just read that (Okay Okay…! I know I am taking unasked-for credits here!)

According to the press release, Mahindra has launched the scooter in Hyderabad. It seems that nationwide launch will be in phases and north India would have to wait a little. The ex-showroom price of Duro DZ in various states of India is…

  • Andhra Pradesh: Rs 44,640
  • Kerala: Rs 44,908
  • Tamil Nadu: Rs 45,235
  • Karnataka: Rs 44,760
  • Delhi: Rs 42,332

Now as I compare the ex-showroom prices of the existing Duro STD from the company’s website with the latest prices of Duro DZ, I find the following noteworthy points:

  • The price difference in ex-showroom prices varies from Rs 490 (in Delhi) to Rs 1839 (in Kerala)
  • The final difference in on road prices (when the on road prices of Duro STD are scaled to same magnitude) ranges from Rs 567 (in Delhi) to Rs 2025 (in Kerala)
  • The percentage increase in ex-showroom prices varies from 1% in Delhi to 4% in Kerala.
  • Duro DZ is priced Rs.2500 lesser than Activa DLX and Rs.2561 lesser than Access 125 on the ex-showroom price tag in Delhi. Ex-showroom price of Activa and Access taken from company website.

According to my assumption, and as told by Mahindra back then, the current Duro would continue to sell as the basic variant and this Duro DZ would form the premium variant. Read the official press release below.

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  1. No Doubt Mahindra Duro is a good Scooter in India. A ‘Made for Everyone’ Scooter. Thanx for sharing informative information about Mahindra Duro.