Monday, November 7, 2011

Scoop! TVS to launch betters version of Apache RTR

TVS flagship motors apache RTR is a hit among the warm blooded and for good reasons. The RTR 160 and 180 provided comforts of both pleasures that is of slow city commutation and also the high speed thrill with amazing handling on the curves and brilliant response like a superbike!

The RTR 180 to its credit remains to date one of India’s select few motorcycles to provide riders the additional safety of ABS assisted brakes. However TVS have decided to re visit the plans of the bike and deliver a better model to the market.

The RTR is TVS’ best looking bike. Hence, we can expect enhancement of looks but not over tampering them. Sportiness quotient will be increased along with the performance and handling of the bike! The bike could probably enter showrooms in a few weeks as TVS will be looking to take advantage of the festive and the New Year season…

We can expect black treatment with sporty graphics.. Hope TVS also adds new features and some power upgrade to the RTR to make it only smoke better!

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