Wednesday, October 19, 2011


TVS has launched the critical racing bike that is TVS Apache RTR Fi 160 cc. Though TVS is not so renouned between consumers though this bike is unequivocally the great performer. This bike is deliberate as the flagship indication of TVS. This Apache RTR is the outcome of tough work of the TVS engineers. It was written to encounter the final of the consumers who similar to to float bikes similar to Pulsar as great as CBZ.

The demeanour of the bike is utterly sporty as great as trendy. There have been strips drawn along the length of the bike that emanate the sporty demeanour to the vehicle. It has sculpted tank that accommodates the knees well. Side panels as great as the front flaring assistance this bike to get the robust look. Design of hoop club of the Apache bike is singular as great as is some-more higher to the alternative bikes in this segment.

The some-more highlight is since to the pattern of the partial that stays in front of your eyes regularly. It is the assembly indicate right as great as left hoop club as great as where the pass is inserted. But during the same time the pattern of hold club as great as tail lights is not as great as was expected. The heart made trademark of RTR 160 is unequivocally eye-catchy. Another really eye-catchy underline of this bike is the uncovered, exposed back chains. Most of the unfamiliar bike feels unapproachable displaying their muscles as great as TVS has taken this clue. The grand demeanour of this bike is landed by grand seeking silencer, singular squeeze rails, incomparable as great as crook fuel tank.


This robust bike is powered by the 159.7cc engine that delivers the limit energy of 15.2BHP during 8500 RPM as great as the limit hanging ornament of 13.1NM during 6000 rpm. TVS has introduced most facilities in this bike that were not there in the progressing Apache bike. These facilities embody digital lurch with LCD Speedo, clock, odometer, fuel gauge, dual outing meters as great as an analog tachometer.

Pickup of this bike is only excellent. It is not similar to any alternative 160 CC bike upon the road. The energy it exerts upon the highway is unthinkable as great as is utterly astonishing from the 160cc bike. And in conditions of performance, this bike is improved than the alternative bikes in this shred similar to Pulsar, Hunk or CBZ.

These complicated Bikes gives we great doing as great as lets we feel assured whilst roving it. It has the got 270 mm front front stop as great as an discretionary back front brake. There have been 4 sizzling tone options. Yu can buy this bike if we adore sporty as great as macho bikes.

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